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"Lotshotellet Exclusive"
hela hotellet för er själva

The barren, salty, windswept calm, the eternal meeting between land and sea is as created for inspiration - all year round ...

Sometimes you need to meet and we are really good at arranging events and meetings. We top personal service, knowledgeable staff and commitment with experience and a very unique location - from start to finish!

The collaboration between the different companies on Käringön is unique - we sew together your program exactly the way you want it. We think it's fun when our conference groups try the different restaurants on the island, for example Petersons Krog, Käringöns Brygga or Simsons Prästgård.

One of the biggest advantages highlighted by our conference guests is that there will be such a focus on the group - everyone stays together on the island throughout the conference.

tetra pak personal på konferens
hamnen på käringön

We are happy to help you develop an activity program - there are lots of things to do:

  • Sauna on Lotshotellet's jetty

  • Seal safari with a guided tour of Måseskär's lighthouse

  • Karingo - the island's own champagne and oyster bar with hot tub

  • Crab fishing championship

  • Music quiz

  • Education in presentation techniques

  • Match-race sailing

  • Fishing trip

  • Lobster fishing

  • Kayak tour with guide

  • Guided tour of the island

  • Helicopter evacuation training under water

  • ....

Depending on the size of your group, you live one or two people in each room and if you are a larger group, we supplement with the rooms you need at Hotell Käringön a stone's throw from us.

You confer either with us or in one of the external conference rooms we have access to (from 4 to 50 people).

If you want a fast and flexible transfer to and from the island, we fix it with our own boat.

We offer conferences mainly during May - June and September - October.

During these periods, we block the entire hotel during the weekdays so that you can get the entire Pilot Hotel for yourself.

Contact us if you are interested in a conference and we will try to find a suitable date.

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