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During summertime we also serve tasty sweet crêpes and savoury galettes - many of the variants filled with seafood from the waters around the island. We have a great assortment of beer, wine and drinks and of course a lot of ciders directly imported from France.

During peak-season we are open 12-16 and 18-21 when the weather permits outdoor seating. The kitchen closes 30 minutes before the restaurant.

From 21/8-24/8 we are open for lunch from 12.30-14.00

You are also welcome to book our breakfast buffet at 9.30 when the weather is nice even if you are not staying at Lotshotellet.

Please note that our indoor seating is only for guests at Lotshotellet and that we are sometimes open longer or shorter depending on weather.

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glada gäster på creperiet lotshotellet
torsdagsquiz på creperiet lotshotellet
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