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Granit - clean power

With our brand new boat "Granit" we offer fast transfer to/from the mainland, customized excursions, seal safaris, deep sea fishing, water skiing or other adventures. We grew up in these waters and know all the secret places, so will navigate you securely through our stunning archipelago.


Granit is fast and powerful, and yet environmentally friendly, as we use completely fossil free fuel. All our skippers have of course obtained the double certification needed for this type of boat so you can rest assured that nothing risky will be undertaken, and we make sure that our passengers never feel uncomfortable.


Fasta avgångar dagligen 22/6 - 20/8
Fixed departures 24/6-18/8
Käringön - Hälleviksstrand
150 kr per person
Käringön - Hälleviksstrand
250 kr per person
Hälleviksstrand - Käringön
150 kr per person
Hälleviksstrand - Käringön
250 kr per person

Price valid for on-line bookings until one hour prior to departure

Fasta avgångar
Private bookings for up to 12 people
Privat bokning

Käringön-Hälleviksstrand: 800 + 100 pp
Hälleviksstrand-Käringön: 800 + 100 pp

Käringön-Edshultshall: 800 + 100 pp
Edshultshall-Käringön: 800 + 100 pp

Käringön-Stocken: 800 + 100 pp
Stocken-Käringön: 800 + 100 pp

Käringön-Tuvesvik: 900 + 100 pp
Tuvesvik-Käringön: 900 + 100 pp

Käringön-Gullholmen: 900 + 100 pp
Gullholmen-Käringön: 900 + 100 pp

Käringön-Mollösund: 900 + 100 pp
Mollösund-Käringön: 900 + 100 pp

Call 0702 39 41 00 to book your private boat taxi.

After 18 the prices are 25% higher, after 21 50% higher, from 23-07 double and 7-9 50% higher.
Luggage - one suitcase and a small hand-luggage is included per person. Extra luggage costs 100 kr per piece. Dog/cat costs 100 kr.

Cancellation is free of charge until four weeks prior to departure, after this the full price will be charged.

Waiting time (if we have the possibility to wait) costs 25 kr / min.

We can take up to 12 passengers depending on weather conditions.

The price for a ticket to/from Käringön when the ferry is fully booked is 1200 kr per person. You will receive a pre-filled form from us and send to Västtrafik and the entire amount will be refunded provided you can show a ferry ticket purchased before departure time. This means that you will travel free of charge with us.

Image by karlheinz_eckhardt Eckhardt

This is an exhilarating trip with 99% chance of seeing seals. We lay off from Lotshotellet’s jetty on Skeppersholme and follow the shoreline, passing Öviken first and then the old bath houses on the island’s south west coast.

We’ll then set course for the island of Svarten and continue on all the way to Flateskären, where we’ll turn off the motor and stay still for a while, so we can see the seals in peace and quiet. They are used to our boat and because they’re curious they often come up to it.

The trip continues past Måseskär lighthouse if the weather allows, through the sound between Vedholmen and Fågelskär and back again along Käringön’s north coast, past Lotsutkiken, Karingo, Isackes Sund, the guest marina and Petersons Krog.

The trip lasts just over 30 minutes and costs 390 kr per person. At least five paying guests are required to run the trip.

gäster på fyrbesök
Seal-safari including light-house visit

Seal safari including lighthouse visit

We’ll visit the seals on the skerries southeast of Måseskär, and if the weather is nice we’ll land and go on a guided hike of Måseskär to look at the over 150 year old Heidenstam lighthouse.


The tour takes 1.5 hours and costs SEK 495 / person (min. 5 paying guests for the tour to run).


This tour is run on request - call +46 (0)702 39 41 00 to book.

glada tjejjer på glasstur
Ice-cream trip to Lysekil

The ice cream trip to Lysekil runs every day at 4pm during the summer. We depart from Lotshotellet's jetty.


We’ll drive at full speed up to Gullholmen where we have to slow down and enjoy the scenery at slow pace. Then full throttle again between Gåsö and Grundsund and away towards Mollösund where you get 20 minutes to stroll around and maybe eat an ice cream while we refuel the boat.

The trip takes about an hour and 20 minutes and costs SEK 200 per person.

evert taube
Bohuslän cruises

Evert Taube
Käringön - Stocken - Gullholmen - Grundsund - Fiskebäckskil - Bassholmen - Malö Strömmar - Måseskär - Kråkesunds gap - Mollösund - Käringön
3 h / 50 NM - 6900 kr. 

Bohuslän's Classic
Käringön - Gullholmen - Lysekil - Smögen - Fjällbacka - Grebbestad - Väderöarna - Sotenkanalen - Käringön
8 tim / 100 NM - 8900 kr. 

These tours are run on request - call 0702 39 41 00 to book.

Full ferry? Ride for free!

If you can’t travel with the ferry you have planned due to it being full, you are entitled to compensation of SEK 1,200 per person for a boat taxi from Tuvesvik to Gullholmen / Käringön.


Download the form, fill it in and send it to Västtrafik together with the receipt from us and you will receive full compensation for the entire cost of the boat taxi.


Call us on +46 (0) 702 39 41 00 if you missed the ferry due to it being full. We’ll try to arrange for you to arrive at your destination.


We have been asking Västtrafik for several years to use the ferry capacity that is available to them so as not to risk full ferries, but they have refused. We therefore charge a higher amount for bookings due to missing the ferry, this affects Västtrafik but not visitors.

We have been arguing with Västtrafik all spring for them to use the ferry capacity that is available so as not to risk full ferries, but they refuse. Therefore, we charge the maximum amount for bookings due to missing the ferry.

Full färja - åk gratis
100% fossil free

Via the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's initiative, Klimatklivet, we have received help with partial financing of our environmentally friendly boat engine from Oxe Marine, which we run on HVO100 fuel. The engine therefore emits 94% less greenhouse gases and 99% less hydrocarbons than a conventional petrol engine.

klimatsmart motor
klimat klivet
gold standard
united nations climate change
Klimatsmart taxibåt
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