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There are many activities for all ages at Käringön!
Discover the island on your own simply by strolling around among all the houses on the north island or out on the rocks in the south or find some other inspiration below...


The boule-field is located at "Myra" - you can borrow equipment at Lotshotellet.


There is so much to choose from that we had to create a dedicated tab for boating.


The fisherman's cottage is house 78 - a so called single house, probably from the end of the 18th century. It was newly renowated in 1825 when it became the home of the newly wedded couple Engström. Their granddaughter, Matilda Engström, donated the house in order for future generations to be able to experience how it was to live in the past.


The waters around our island are excellent for fishing and you will get a unique fishing experience as we have fantastic fishing spots for wild Sea Trout. The average size of the trouts is 50 centimeters and there is always a fair chance of catching an even bigger fish. The Sea Trout season stretches from April to September. After that fishing is not allowed and the spawning starts - the fishing area rests during the winter. 

Image by karlheinz_eckhardt Eckhardt

We visit the seals at the skerries southeast of Måseskär and if the weather is nice we continue to Måseskär and go up to the more than 150 year old Heidenstamfyren - 1.5 hours - SEK 295 / person (min SEK 1500)


Download our hiking trail  to your phone. 


If you have ever been part of bringing up lobster pots from the depth of the sea you always want to do it once again. Join us at sea for a few hours! The season for lobster ("the black gold") always starts the first Monday after September 20. and the best time for lobster fishing is normally during October. 


If you want, you can pack a picnic basket and book a boat trip with us to Vallerö. There is a really nice sandy beach in a protected lagoon landscape. The excursion is perfect for families with children.

Vallerösund between Vallerö and Hermanö is probably one of the best places in Sweden for wave bus with kayaks. There is both good surfing waves closest to Vallerö and also good opportunities for rock shopping around Vallerö and Hermanö.


The tennis court is found close to the harbour - behind the fish shop. You can make your reservation at "Skeppshandeln" beside the hotel. In order to make a reservation you also have to become a member in the local tennis club.


Participate in an exciting guided tour on the island! Listen to its history dating back to the 16th century. Experience the harsh conditions for the fishermen and the more well-situated pilots and captains.


At "Myra" there is an open-air gym that is free of charge for all visitors.

Image by Jametlene Reskp

To fish crabs from a small dock is by far the most popular activity among our younger visitors and they can spend hours doing this. It's quite common that elder siblings or parents also get quite engaged in the activity...

What do you need? A lace, a bucket and a bait, that's it! Of course it is also quite smart to wear  a life vest if you can't swim. When you are happy with your catch you let the crabs have a race on a small rock and see who comes first into the sea again.


The miniature golf course with nine exciting holes is located close to the harbour. You can rent clubs and balls at the kiosk by the harbour.

folk som padlar kajak

You get a different experience at a completely different speed if you paddle in the shallow waters between Käringön and Gullholmen. Make a beach break on Vallerö's sandy beach or look at the giant pots on Hermanö. Close contact with seals guaranteed. If the weather is calm, paddle out through Vallerö strait and smell the great ocean - free wind to Scotland ...

At Lotshotellet we have two nice kayaks and the rental takes place in collaboration with Bohus Kayak and of course includes all the equipment you need (paddles, canopy, life jacket, nautical charts). No previous knowledge required - everyone can kayak! The price is SEK 490 per person and then you can have the kayak from 10.30 to 18.30. We replace our kayaks with brand new ones every year.

Rental conditions


Read about kayaking in our waters in Dagens Nyheter.

Getting in and out of the kayak - for beginners


Käringön is almost as far out west as you can get in Sweden! In the late 19th century the island was named health resort since it is one of the sunniest places in the country and since the water is so clean and salty...

The real connoisseur will find a private and secret little bay to lay on the warm rocks and look out over the water towards the horizon. Sometimes the head of a seal will pop up from the surface, otherwise the horizon is uniterrupted all the way to the Shetland islands and Scotland.

But there is also a whole range of more or less sophisticated places to take a bath on the island - see the map at the bottom of the page!


The quickest way to get into the water is to simply use the bathing ladder at our own dock. Put on your bathrobe in the hotel room and within less than a minute you can be in the water...
Combie with our amazing sauna by the dock! Please contact us for reservation of the sauna.

lotshotellets bastu

The open-air bath stems from the late 19th century when the island turned into a seaside resort. It's located on the smooth rocks on the south tip of the island and by tradition this is a nude bath. THis is a simple bath for calm days and the water is so fresh and clear. The only help you get to get in and out of the water is a rope attached to the rock by the "natural staircase". 


A deep rock lagoon with crystal clear water. A ladder if you are careful and a diving board if you are bolder. Rocks that have been ground soft my thousands of years of wind and water. Enjoy the marvellous view towards Måsekskär lighthouse and Carlstens Fästning (the fortress in Marstrand) in the distance. This bathing place is as far out southwest as you can get on the island. 


The Herr- och dambaden (gentlemen's and ladies' baths) in the southwest part of the island are gems from a bygone era when cold, salty baths and barefoot walks on soft rocks were exclusive pleasures for society. This is the way it was in the beginning of the 20th century and the two houses have survived since then. Ladies separated from gentlemen and of course no swim suits!


At Öviken - close to the hotel - there are pontoons and sandy bottom and a water depth of 50-80 centimeters.

brygga ut till havet

This is one of the baths for ladies. Nice and smooth rocks directly by the water. Follow the signs from the football field (Myra). Gentlemen are recommended to discretely turn their eyes away when passing by...


The childrens' spot is on the south side of the island. If you walk south over the large meadow, Ängevik, you will reach a shallow and sandy bay, which is excellent for children.

karta över käringön och dess aktiviteter
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