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Hitta bakstugorna (en min från färjan)

Lägenheter för barnfamiljer

Bakstuga Röd till vänster och Blå till höger och städrummet längst till vänster utanför häcken

Våra lägenheter

Städinstruktion (om du inte valt till städning)

  • Cleaning equipment and detergents are found in the cleaning room with access from outside (the door to the left of the hedge on the picture above)

  • If you have rented bedlinen and towels you put them back in the bag where you got them.

  • Fold duvets and put them and the pillows nicely on top of the beds. The dark-blue mattress covers shall not be removed.

  • Empty the fridge.

  • Wash-up all dishes and place in correct places

  • Dust and wipe off all surfaces.

  • Clean the toilet and wash basin and wipe off walls and shower mixers.

  • Tie the garbage bag together but leave it under the sink (never leave any seafood residuals in the trash – throw shells in the ocean furthest out on the pier).

  • Vacuum and mop the floors.

  • Lock the door and hang the key on the hook outside.

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